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Credit Card Charges compared to Payday Loans

  • November 8th, 2005

Has anyone ever taken a look at the costs that people pay for credit card charges in comparison to the fees being paid on payday loans? If you really compare the late fees associated with both they are about the same except that payday loans have alot more bad press. Unlike payday loans if you had bad credit you can still get a cash advance without having to pay a deposit. For someone who has bad credit, they most likely do not have alot of money and how can they be expected to put up a few hundred dollars when they already have alot of debt?

Are Cash Advances Good for the Military Personnel

  • November 2nd, 2005

Many people in the military do not earn enough money to properly support themselves. Alot of them turn to cash advance companies so they can get money to pay bills, etc. It is my belief that maybe these people would be served better if the government maybe made some other option available to them or if payday loan companies could charge lower fees since they have good job security and it is more likely the loan will be paid back on time. This is just my opinion, but I am sure that many other people feel this way.

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