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Is Limiting Competition Good for the Cash Advance Industry?

  • October 24th, 2005

Recently Arizona legislators have been talking about limiting the distance between payday loan companies. Is this a good idea? I mean competition is what thrives businesses and if you limit just how far these stores can be from each other, isnt that a local monolopy. This will result in service that is less than spectacular for borrowers. Not only that but more competition means better deals for consumers. When you have a strangle on a certian area you do not have to make yourself better or work on making your product cheaper. Unlike other industries, there are no set prices and this results in unfavorable results for consumers.

Limiting the Distance between Cash Advance Stores

  • October 19th, 2005

Recently there is legislation to limit the distance between cash advances stores in Arizona. This can only mean that the people of Arizona have been getting a record amount of payday loans. This tactic is used for adult places that I will not mention here. This law would be good for competition of these stores but also could lead to less competitve fees on loans since most people are not able to travel to obtain a loan. In my opinion its a good law only if you provide strict regulation of the fees that can be charged for a cash advance. Again a cash advance is good tool when used properly.

Emails from Payday Loan Companies

  • October 5th, 2005

So many companies are sending unsolicited emails for payday loans that people are starting to get really upset. As a loan company we see that borrowers are not interested in getting emails and that when they want a payday loan they wil go online and find a company that they can use. If you want to stop receiving these emails from loan companies, just go to the bottom of the email and click the remove link. It should take about a week for them to stop sending them , if you get them again. Send them an email or call them, they dont want to send you emails if you dont want them.

USA payday Advance Blog is online

  • October 3rd, 2005

Our blog has been launched to provide our customers and partners with a way to communicate their needs and comments about our services and the entire industry in general. Feel free to comment at any time and check back for the latest news on and the entire payday industry.

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